Melissa Benoist in “Whiplash” trailer (x)

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I felt like we had a thing. I did too.

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When you write asshole songs toward people, nobody ever thinks it’s about them.
Sara Bareilles (x)

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I didn’t say everything that I wanted to say.

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Sara Bareilles covering Sia’s “Chandelier,” and absolutely killing it. 

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'Glee' star Becca Tobin's boyfriend Matt Bendik was found dead Thursday in a Philadelphia hotel … TMZ has learned … and the circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious.

Sources close to the couple tell us Bendik — a 35-year-old nightclub owner — was in Philly on a business trip, and Becca was with him. The couple had been out on the town celebrating with friends Wednesday night — and we’re told everything seemed normal.

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I love you too.



I love you too.


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